Ambassador Visits Troy Walmart!

amanda-and-melissa amanda-with-jen

The Walmart and Sam’s Club miracle campaign is in its final week and like every year, we feel so grateful for the hard work each store puts in day in and day out of this six-week campaign. We are fortunate to have this great partner in the community, working hard to raise funds for Dayton Children’s Hospital and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals throughout the US and Canada.

Last week, one of our patient ambassadors, Amanda Neef and her mother Melissa joined our Troy, OH Walmart team to greet customers and thank associates for fundraising. Amanda is Troy Walmart’s “Ambassador Store Captain” this year, so the team has been fundraising in her honor. Amanda was treated like royalty by the team; given a grand tour of the store, seeing the “behind the scenes” break room and back of store area, given a Walmart vest, nametag and pins and even checked out a customer! (Of course Amanda got her to round up her change for children!) They finished the visit by giving out My Little Pony (her favorite) cupcakes and Shopkins (another favorite!) coloring pages. Amanda and her mom, Melissa were completely overwhelmed by the generosity displayed by the Troy Wamart customers and couldn’t believe how much was donated to the change jar just while they were there.

Jen, the Troy store champion introduced Amanda to Lois, one of the cashiers, who raised over $800 at that point by just asking customers at the register. We can’t thank Jen, Lois and the entire team at Troy Walmart, as well as all the wonderful associates who work at the Dayton area Walmart and Sam’s Clubs for their tremendous, unending support of Dayton Children’s!

Read more about Amanda’s incredible story here.

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