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Buy a Smile Cookie Today at Tim Hortons!

Swing by your local Dayton area Tim Hortons and buy a Smile Cookie now through September 25th! 100% of Smile Cookie purchases in the Dayton area go to support local kids at Dayton Children’s Hospital. Kids like Brody.

Brody was diagnosed with craniosynostosis when he was two-years old. Craniosynostosis is a rare condition which causes intracranial pressure, meaning his skull doesn’t grow, but his brain does. Since his diagnosis, Brody has undergone 17 surgeries, three of which were major skull reconstructions.

But he doesn’t let his medical conditions stop him. Thirteen-year-old Brody can easily be described as a “social butterfly” and loves playing soccer. Brody also serves as a Dayton Children’s ambassador where he shares his story. Thank you for supporting kids like Brody!