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Milton Union For The Kids!

Under the fearless lead of their advisor, Paula Shaw, the Interact group at Milton Union High School set out to raise money for Dayton Children’s Hospital. Brainstorming and planning for several months turned into a 5-hour event on a Thursday evening in January.

The event opened with a miracle story told by Gavin Lucas, a 16 year old cancer survivor to set the tone for the night. The students knew why they were there and why they were dancing. Thereafter, Tristen Luken, 17 year old patient who went through macrodactyl which disfigured her right foot, spoke and explained how she overcame her illness and started on an even brighter journey with her new prosthetic.

The big reveal for the total raised was $1,800. Within the next 24 hours, more donations trickled in making the true total $2,415! Thank you Milton Union students, staff, volunteers, and donors. Milton Union is FTK!

A special thank you goes out to the Interact officers:
Kiley Timmers
Abbie Goudy
Kyler Schatz
William Brock
Matthew Brown
Megan Billing