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Miracle Makers: Finding Joy in Giving


Since Katrina Summers joined the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising team at her Piqua, Ohio store in 2014, she has participated in the planning of just about every fundraiser you could possibly think of. From carnivals to cookouts to cake auctions, Katrina has thrown herself wholeheartedly into executing fundraisers that both bring her associates together and raise money for Dayton Children’s Hospital, a hospital whose rooms and hallways she’s very familiar with.

When her son began experiencing severe gastrointestinal distress at the age of three, Katrina has spent countless hours at the hospital with him as the staff searched for a diagnosis and provided him with treatment to ease his discomfort. It was the high level of care she and her son experienced during their many hospital trips that motivated Katrina to get involved with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals soon after she began working at Walmart.

Now, Katrina is intimately involved in all aspects of fundraising and supporting the hospital. Each year, she looks forward to gathering at the hospital with associates from all the area Walmart and Sam’s Club stores to distribute Christmas gifts they purchase for the children. “It’s the most heartwarming thing you could ever experience to see their faces light up,” she says. “When you walk into the room, you don’t know what they’re going through, and it always means so much to them to know they aren’t forgotten. There is no better feeling than to give joy to a child who is in such an awful situation.”

Join Katrina in making a difference in the lives of the children at your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital by making a donation at your nearest Walmart or Sam’s Club today.