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O'Charley's Generous Donation


The popular restaurant chain O’Charley’s finished its “Give $5, Get $5” campaign this month and they presented a check over $5,000 to Dayton Children’s on Tuesday, June 18.  

During the campaign, six Dayton locations participated by encouraging guests to donate $5 to the Dayton Children’s Hospital in exchange for a $5 voucher on their next trip to O’Charley’s. As a result, the six locations were able to raise $5,399.44 for the Hospital.  

O’Charley’s is a proud, local sponsor of Dayton Children’s Hospital and through their community involvement and dedication to philanthropy their donations will help support the 350,000 children that Dayton Children’s cares for.  

Thank you O’Charley’s for your commitment to your local children and their families!