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Valvoline Instant Oil CMN Campaign

Valvoline Finishes 2020 Campaign Strong for Kids

During this year’s month long campaign in November, customers and associates in our region’s nine Valvoline Instant Oil locations donated almost $8,200. This is a 27.9% increase from last year’s campaign!

This donation will go toward funding the needed equipment and technology at Dayton Children’s.

In a year when nothing can be guaranteed and no amount of fundraising will be taken for granted, we’re grateful that Valvoline stepped up for the 384,000 kids treated at Dayton Children’s each year.

Valvoline raised over $641,000 as a company for CMN hospitals throughout the US and Canada. They have been a national CMN partner since 2009. Literally millions of children’s lives have been changed because of Valvoline associates and their customers.