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Costco Made Miracles Happen in May

Throughout the month of May, Costco Wholesale in Centerville, Ohio, invited their members to donate at checkout in support of Dayton Children’s Hospital. Members could purchase a  balloon icon to help support patient care for thousands of children, adolescents, and their families while under care at Dayton Children’s.  

With the local donations the hospital can continually fund medically beneficial services and equipment for children. These donations help create a lasting, positive impact for entire families.

Costco Wholesale has partnered with children’s hospitals like ours since 1988 and in just 31 days our local Centerville location raised $37,626 for our Dayton Children’s Hospital!

We thank Costco and their employees for their continuous efforts and commitment to philanthropy in our community. Costco is making a real difference in thousands of children’s lives through their spirit of giving and their fundraising efforts are greatly appreciated. Together with Costco, Dayton Children’s continues its relentless pursuit of optimal health for all children within our reach.   

Thank you, Costco, for making an impact in your community!