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Speedway® is Helping Dayton Children’s Change Kids’ Health on Oct. 27-29

Speedway®, a part of the 7-Eleven family of brands, is fueling miracles for kids and their families at Dayton Children’s a member hospital of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, October 27-29. It is important that children’s hospitals have the support they need to help kids receive the best possible care.

This weekend, stop in your local Speedway store and donate to fuel miracles and change kids’ health. Changing kids’ health not only means providing access to the best health services and medical treatments, but also addressing issues that impede their ability to live a healthy life.

Programs addressing food insecurity offered by member hospitals have both a short and long-term positive impact on children’s health. They help meet a child’s and family’s immediate need for healthy food and nutrition, while helping to lower their long-term risk of developing a chronic health condition.

Speedway has been a proud partner of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 1984 and has raised more than $9,859,000 locally for Dayton Children’s. Thanks to you and Speedway for helping kids the Dayton area receive the best possible care!