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What is Your Personal Connection?

The Extra Life dollars you raise are very personal here in Dayton. Some of our participants know exactly what we mean.

Caitlin participates in Extra Life because she knows personally how important it is for families to have access to Dayton Children’s. She was born in distress and could have died had she not been sent to Dayton Children’s Hospital. Caitlin says, “I’m alive today because of the amazing staff there, as are many others. When you walk in the doors, you know this is a place for kids to come and get better, the whole environment is relaxing and bright. Now, I raise money for all of the kids that go to this hospital every day, needing the same life-saving treatment that our community has come to rely on.”

We are grateful for the support of Connect E-Sports Dayton!

Thank you to Connect E-Sports Dayton for their support in making Extra Life Game Day possible! Connect E-Sports Dayton is a great place to play online and IRL with friends, make new connections, and have fun. Enjoy everyday game play, or get involved with their organized leagues and tournaments. When you raise $250 for Dayton Children’s, you earn a one-hour credit at Connect E-Sports Dayton!

If you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the perfect time to sign up again!

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Game on!