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Superhero Sighting at Dayton Children’s


On October 13th, fabulous Walmart and Sam’s Club associates took a few hours out of their busy days (even busier with the campaign extension!) and visited Dayton Children’s to throw a Halloween party for our patients! Jen, above with the CMN Superwoman costume on, brought several games for the kids to play, including Plinko, pumpkin toss and ring around the witch’s hat!

Three Sam’s Clubs and four Walmart stores were in attendance and each donated goody bags full of fun Halloween items for our patients. They also gave out tons of prizes for each child who could play the games as many times as they wanted! They made the days of several patients who were more than thrilled to spend a little time out of their hospital rooms with a fun activity!

We at Dayton Children’s could not be more thankful for the time and energy that was put into the party. Not only do these associates have the holidays sneaking up, but many have inventory or remodels happening. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for doing what you do For The Kids!